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Being a participant of a Safe Black Space Community Healing Circle gave me the opportunity to discuss my experiences with prejudice, discrimination and racism with others who had shared experiences. After the circle, I felt relieved, connected and supported.- DERAAN


If you identify as Black and are interested in volunteering with us to support the Black Community, join our Volunteer Village.  There are various ways to be a part of our Village Volunteer:

Find your Safe Black Space!

Find your Safe Black Space!

To join our Village, you must commit to participating in our volunteer training and apply after attending at least two SBS Community Healing Circles.  If this sounds good to you, click the link to register below and we will notify you regarding training opportunities.


Donation is a great way to support the Black Community. Your contribution will help create more opportunities for Safe Black Space Community Healing Circles.

Donate to Support Us

We should be allowed to be who we really are. People need to tolerate different cultures and backgrounds! Donate to stop the obvious oppression to reach a common understanding.
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We Must Speak to Be Heard

Social Awareness

Every summer people of every gender, religion and color gather on the streets for a celebration of love, equality, humanity and joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are a place where, as Maya Angelou put it Black people can “take a day to heal from the lies you’ve told yourself and the ones that have been told to you.” Safe Black Space Community Healing Circles are spaces intentionally created by and for Black people to share their stories and feelings; deepen their understanding of the adverse impact of historical forces and images on their lives; learn and practice self-care and community care and identify local resources in a safe environment with other people of African ancestry.
Anyone who identifies as being Black and is of African ancestry and who has experienced race-based trauma and anxiety. The circles are currently designed for adults or youth over 14 years old.
Due to COVID, these supportive healing circles are currently held online on the second Saturday of every month. There are plans to return to hosting in-person Community Healing Circles at venues throughout the Sacramento region.
Yes! When we return to in-person Community Healing Circles, we are looking for sites to host healing circles. Submit a request through our website here.
During the Community Healing Circle, participants re-create the sense of a village or family to explore feelings, deepen understanding of racial trauma and aggression on our lives and learn how to heal and practice self-care. Short videos, small group discussions, drumming, music, affirmations, and other components provide a sacred, cultural healing experience, where you get to just be you.
Participants are expected to share their stories, listen to other people’s stories, and awaken to the real personal power of being Black.
There is no cost to attend. However, financial donations of any amount are welcome.
Outcomes include an increased understanding of the historical trauma of racism, awareness of how to practice self-care in times of crisis, and a renewed sense of community.

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If we focus on building our most vulnerable population, us, we can change the world forthe better.

Community Care Provider

There is comfort and strength in coming together, in calling on the wisdom of our ancestors, and our historical triumph over darkness to gather strength for living in the here and now.


People of African descent need communal healing practices that are caring, ethical, and affirming to help us renew our souls and that provide mutual support, hope, and grace in these troubling times. Safe Black Space is that.

SBS Attendee